Truth About Massage Gun

According to Josh Orendorf, a doctor of physical therapy, certified personal trainer.


Massage guns work by sending direct vibrating pulses through your muscles. According to a study in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research, vibration therapy and traditional massage are both effective at reducing delayed onset muscle soreness. But in addition to combatting pain, vibration therapy also proves helpful in decreasing the levels of lactic acid in your body post-workout. So, while static recovery items like foam rollers can dig into tight spots and loosen muscles, the vibration advocates may be onto something.


Massage fysioterapeut Rebecca Wilson tells us:


Massage gun indeed loosens muscles. Being in physical therapy for a recent low back pain episode means I’m working muscles that have not seen regular activity for some time. That results in soreness that proves I’m doing things right, but it’s also a little uncomfortable. While the therapy starts with dry heat and then massage gun gets applied before exercise, I also find that getting a good massage at times other than during physical therapy helps loosen those tight, sore muscles.

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