We all will or have encountered an injury on muscle and bones in life from just normal daily life activities. With our busy daily schedules, we do not give enough attention and time to really help muscle and joint injuries to heal properly. Lack of time and money to visit therapists and chiropractors leaves many people abandoning the importance of massage. We at relief+ have therefore developed a massage gun that will help you do this. You can now massage and maintain good and healthy joints and muscles from the comfort of your own home and place. It is an easy, effective and convenient tool that will not only save you from severe pains but also saving you for time and money.

The Relieve+ aims to make it super simple to heal your whole body. The gun is lightweight and versatile, so you can reach even tricky areas – like your back and shoulders – without too much trouble. It is an easy and convenient tool that can be used in many ways, and many different parts of the body. It includes 4 detachable heads that each fit different parts of the body, and 4 different massage settings. You can do a deep and thorough massage of the Achilles after a long day of basketball, or you can do a relaxed and slow massage on the neck after a night’s wrong position when sleeping.


The idea is that you place the cushioned end against your aching muscles and the gun does all the work for you – you don’t have to press hard or massage the area – just hold it lightly against your sorest spots. It’s mechanically powered, so the kinetic energy used to knead your muscles comes entirely from the device, not from you. Meaning recovery can be just about recovery – rather than another workout. 


The Relieve+ helps with the following

· Accelerates recovery and muscle repair

· Increases blood and lymphatic flow

· Relieves muscle spasms and stiffness 

· Breaks up scar tissue Improves lactic acid clearance 

· Activates the nervous system and muscles

· Muscle fatigue, pain, tightness, soreness, and knots 

· Natural stress relief 

· Relieveplus can also help with muscle tension related to nerve damage, atrophy, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and a range of other ailments